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Eight Bits: Top 8 most memorable death scenes in gaming

Right. I'm not going to write anything interesting here in risk of getting someone angry over spoiling someone's death. Good. Let's continue then.

Yes, Yoshi disintegrating. Whenever Yoshi runs out of juice or touches water in Super Mario Sunshine he will disintegrate into nothing. He won't just run away like in Super Mario World, he actually dies. And it's your fault for not feeding him or making him go into the water. Thanks Nintendo, thanks for the nightmares. On a more serious note however, this is mostly memorable due to the extreme surprise I had when I was shooting juice on enemies and suddenly my cute little pink Yoshi became nothing. That's something you don't forget, not in a long time.

This is low on the list for one reason; it's the opening scene. It certainly makes it memorable, but also forces it into being that death that everyone knew even before the game was out. Personally, I always though it was an amazing scene and that's why it's on the list. Every time I play Shenmue and see Iwao dying with his last words to Ryo it drives me personally forward to play the game. However I did probably ruin it for myself since I played Shenmue II before the original. It's interesting to see how a simple revenge story is able to span over such an amazing story as Shenmue and its sequel and none of it would have happened it Iwao hadn't died on the dojo floor on that day it snowed. One day, Lan-Di will pay for it.

No I am not joking around. Being a doctor in a good game lets ju feel awesome when you save the patients from their coming deaths. You feel great and it keeps you going. Then come does times when the game gets hard and things go way south. You start to stress out because you're losing control and you make that one mistake. The patient just died... It all comes down to how much you live yourself into the role of the doctor, in this case a surgeon, and if you're like me you certainly do. This is one of the great types of games that keeps the genre fresh by making a person, whose not you, dying into something you actually care for. Keep it going!

First of all. I HATED the ending to Red Dead Redemption, I HATED John Marston dying. Why? Because for the first time Rockstar had managed to create a character I cared for and liked playing as, and of course he has to die at the end. It's forever etched into my memory now, hence why it's on the list, and I really think it's sad. I would love to play as Marston again in a sequel, but no, that's not possible. Yes, I know the story called for him to be killed off, but that's the problem I had to begin with, I did not like the way the story went. Enough of this, let's move on to deaths I remember without hating.

This one is a little bit of a double feature. In the original Resident Evil I would say Richard has the funnies death scene of all time. His AMAZING dialogue along with the entire concept of being bitten by a "huge poisonous demon-monster-snake" is just hilarious to me. The best part is not even him mentioning the "Terrible demons!" but more the way he yells out a perfect "Aouch!" in pain. He always makes me laugh and I'll never forget it. In the 2003 Remake of Resident Evil they changed things up a bit. At first it seems to play out the same way but without the great dialogue. Then out of nowhere he actually survives after you give him the antidote... ...and is eaten alive by the snake anyway. But hey, that's not his only fate. He may also... ...be eaten alive by a shark. Yes, Richard has three amazing death scenes.

I don't care for this death. So why is it here? Because this is not "Top 8 most touching deaths", it's "memorable". No matter who you talk with or where you go, bring up any for of death scene in gaming and you will either say something or hear something about Aeris dying! Was it a good scene? Yes. Was it touching? For those who liked Aeris, sure! But the reason it's on the list is because people will never ever shut up about it. It's not really much better than other deaths in Final Fantasy. But yes, I get it. It was unexpected, it was sad and for it's time it was pretty new to kill off a main character that way. So I guess it deserves a little place here both for history and for being overrated. Just my opinion of course, but that's what you're here to read right?

One of the first death scenes I saw in a game. At the end of Super Metroid the large Super Metroid attacks Mother Brain and sacrifices itself to save Samus and give her power to continue and killing off Mother Brain once and for all. The scene was touching, unexpected and more importantly, it fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the game. After being alone and shut in for the entire game, the only thing close to a friend helps you through on the cost of its own life. Super Metroid is one of my favourite games and is without doubt one of my most memorable experiences of all time.

I cried. I very rarely cry playing games. But when I finished Silent Hill: Shattered Memories I cried, and I still do whenever I replay it. To put it simple, throughout the game you have played as Harry Mason only to find out that Harry has been dead all along and you actually were Harry's daughter retelling her mentally disturbed fantasies. It can't be described in words, it's not only the most memorable death on my list, but also the most touching one. I always had this little theory that Shattered Memories was actually a "What if..." sequel to the original Silent Hill telling the idea of what Cheryl would go through if the Bad Ending of Silent Hill was true. If you didn't know, Silent Hill's Bad Ending says that the game's story never happened and that the main character actually died in the intro film to the game.


I have written about funny deaths, sad deaths, surprising deaths and revenge filled deaths. I think I'm done here, thanks for reading!

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