söndag 26 december 2010

Film Trash: Dangerous Water

Watch Tobbii take on the cape as a internet reviewer to battle what might be the worst shark film ever; Dangerous Water. Also, huge thanks to Allison Pregler, aka. Obscurus Lupa. Her review of Shark Attack 3 was one of my main inspirations for this. Check out Lupa's stuff over at Channel Awesome.

I do apologize for the bad sound and my sloppy talking, I'll improve, I promise. I filmed this on Christmas Day along with four other videos while I was sick with a cold, so I was very productive for being pretty down. Then again, not leaving my home might have been a good reason as to why I got so much done. I already have a lot of films that I intend to rip apart in the near future, so look forward to many more improved episodes of Film Trash.

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