onsdag 25 maj 2011

To Sega...

Hello Sega, I love you guys, so much.

You've published more than half of my fav. franchises of all time and you keep on trying to please your fanbase as well as you can even when you have raving fans complaining about the most minor thing.

But even if I do complain from time to time, seriously Sega? Sonic Heroes? Anyway, even if I do, I consider myself to be one of the people who have defended you throughout the years.

Sonic's birthday is coming up the 23'rd June, I'm holding a gaming marathon to celebrate this and you are releasing Sonic Generations this holiday. But there's something more I'm hoping you do, and I understand I might be late in asking, but I am doing it anyway.

Last year you started releasing Dreamcast games on the X-Box Live Arcade and Playstation Network. You released the still awesome Sonic Adventure, along with DX as DLC, to kick that off and now there's been pretty quite on that front.

Well, is there any chance of a port of Sonic Adventure 2 being released this summer? Not only would it be nice in celebration of Sonic's 20th birthday, but also the 10'th anniversary that Sonic Adventure 2 celebrates the very same day.

Thanks for your time.
Best greetings, Tobbii.

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