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Destructoid C-Blog Roundup: January 2012

The Lost Resident Evil: Resident Evil 2 (1997)

"As you probably would know by reading my blog, I'm a big fan of Resident Evil and survival-horror in general, now Resident Evil is probably not my favourite horror franchise, but it's without doubt the one I know the most about. I've spent hours playing and replaying the games, reading the development history and learning as much as I possibly can about Capcom's little survival-horror masterpiece. So I figured, why not take my knowledge to the test and write a feature about cancelled Resident Evil games. There's been quite a few, some with more history than others, starting with the original Resident Evil 2 set for release in 1997, nicknamed Resident Evil 1.5. (...) " (Link To Post)

My "Resident Evil: 16th Anniversary" Celebration

"So Chris Carter (Congratulate him on his new promotion to News Staff guys!) just posted his "Quest to finish every Resident Evil game in 2012", a follow-up to his Legend of Zelda Quest from last year, I wish him the best of luck, especially since I was planning to do the same thing, which I'm here to talk about right now. (...) " (Link To Post)

Did Silent Hill really lose its touch or did we just grow up?

"When I want to play a survival-horror game and Resident Evil isn't on my list, there's always one game I go to... That game is Alone in the Dark from 1992, but right after that game is Silent Hill and its countless sequels. Konami's love-letter to Jacob's Ladder from 1999 is one of the scariest games of all time, the fog-filled streets of Silent Hill 1 is some of the most memorable environments in gaming. The schoolyard is probably the scariest bit in the game, I actually have problems playing that part whenever I boot up the game. (...) " (Link To Post)

Resident Evil 6 - What DO we know and what DON'T we know?

"There's been a lot of talk about Resident Evil 6 since the launch trailer was revealed this week, not the least from me who basically have been on a Resident Evil spree these last few days. But what do we actually know about RE6, do we take some things for granted? Well let's take a look at it. (...) " (Link To Post)

What happened to F-Zero?

"Ever since the Super Nintendo era there have been two large racing franchises for Nintendo to cash in their sweet dollar juice on, the first being the obvious Mario Kart which even though it's growing more stale than Adam Sandler, still sells better than any racing title on the market, topping the charts at release and being one of the best selling titles of 2011. The other title is F-Zero, the high-speed overly serious sci-fi action racer (without weapons) that space-drifted on to the fast-lane of the SNES era in 1990. (...) " (Link To Post)

Why Square-Enix can do much better than a Final Fantasy VII remake.

"A few months back Jim Sterling wrote a post on why Square-Enix shouldn't remake Final Fantasy VII, while I got his point, I didn't fully agree with him. Yes, Square-Enix could possibly fuck up a remake by trying to change things, that's a fear I've had since the very concept of a remake came to be. But what if they solved that issue? What if they made something better than a remake? What if they made, a proper enhanced port of Final Fantasy VII? (...) " (Link To Post)

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