torsdag 19 januari 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations - Complete eShop Demo Playthrough

Today the official eShop demo for Resident Evil: Revelations came out, it's the same demo I played when I previewed it back in November but it's still a great little experience. I filmed all 13 minutes of it, including 2 minutes of me walking in circles trying to find all the items in a room. Below are some quick impressions.

The demo is what I believe is the first 10-15 minutes of the game, Jill Valentine wakes up in the bedroom om a luxury cruiser from which they received a distress call earlier (watch the trailers), you make your way through a simple puzzle, that I still managed to fuck up because I was thinking backwards, then you fight some of the sludge monsters that I believe used to be humans that are now affected with the T-Abyss virus, but what do I know. The monsters feel more like something out of Obscure than it does Resident Evil, but they serve their purpose and they can be pretty scary, I know a lot of people want Zombies to make a return, and while I don't personally mind trying new stuff, I will admit that there's no scarier common enemy in a game than the Resident Evil ReMake's "Crimson-head Zombies". If they will be in this game only time will tell.

The controls are what you've come to expect, the demo did not feature the Gyro-aiming or the sidestepping-while-aiming features and instead plays either like Resident Evil 4 (Type B, I think) or like a slightly more modernized version of Resident Evil 4 where a run-button isn't required and turning around became even harder for me, I'll probably just stick with Type B. There was settings for the CirclePad Pro, but since it's not out in Europe yet I could not test that feature. They've brought back the ability to swap out the knife for grenades from the prototype version of Resident Evil 4, a welcome return in my book, especially with the new simple "Tap X" input needed for both these weapons. Lastly, you can now quick-herb back to health by simply pressing A when the screen warns you of low health, a nice touch.

If it's not obvious, I'm very excited for Resident Evil: Revelations, I've placed my pre-order a while ago now and will probably do an unboxing video since it's the big-boxed CirclePad Pro bundle I ordered. But we'll see, Resident Evil: Revelations hits Europe on January 27 and North America on Febuary 3rd, like everything else.

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