lördag 31 mars 2012

Let's [Peacefully] Play: Silent Hill Homecoming (Episode One)

One more soul to the call, for all, in silence...

What does "Let's [Peacefully] Play" mean? Well it means I will only resort to killing enemies if I absolutely have to, in any other situation I'll choose running away like a true coward.

Why? Well I've heard a lot of people saying that Silent Hill: Homecoming forces too much combat on you and that being one reason they dislike it, so I wanted to see exactly how much combat really is forced.

Hell, if it's fun I might do it for all the games... Silent Hill: Shattered Memories would kind of miss the point of that though, with the complete lack of combat and all that jazz.

No guest in this one, I'm alone for the first time since Let's Play Prince of Persia... THE HORROR!
Audio-balance issues are pretty big in this video, it has been fixed for later episodes.

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