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The Avengers - Vlog Review

I've seen The Avengers (in 3D... Woohoo...) and I have a opinion on it! The first half of this Vlog is spoiler-free for those of you who haven't seen it, so don't worry about watching it, I give a warning before I switch to full-on spoiler + discussion mode. With that said, I go into details and stuff in the video, but you can also simply keep on reading here if you want to get a gist of my opinion on Joss Whedon's attempt at this superhero team-up film.

The film picks up shortly after Captain America: The First Avenger and the end-credits stinger to Thor. Without going into too much story details, let's just say that you need to have seen at least these two films to understand the plot going on here. Watching it without having seen Iron Man is not recommended, but doable, most of the things set up by the two Iron Man films are quickly explained within dialogue. However, there's no reason to have watched The Incredible Hulk unless you don't know who Bruce Banner / The Incredible Hulk is to begin with. Nothing from that film is followed up on in this story, which is a shame, but understandable with this being forced to be a sequel to four different franchises at once. You just can't keep everything.

The script is very clearly written by Joss Whedon, his signature quips and 'clever' one-liners are constantly popping in about every five minutes or so. Thankfully most of them work, but there are a few ones that were cringe-worthy and a few that just shouldn't have been there as they ruined to mood of the scene. With that said, for the slight flaws in his writing, Whedon makes up for in direction. This is a very pretty film from every standpoint, the action is clear and fluid, the settings are varied and fun and even the use of lens-flares isn't overdone (as it was in Thor for example) but kept to when it helps the mood rather than obscures to view.

However, a problem with The Avengers is that the action scenes, while well-shot, are not exciting. This is because of one factor and one factor alone, the soundtrack. This film has one of the most dull and bland soundtracks I've heard in a modern big-budget superhero film. There's nothing memorable in it and it keeps the otherwise great set-pieces from reaching the heights they deserve. I'm not sure who composed this, but whoever it was, I'm very disappointed in him/her. And speaking of bland, that's another problem when it comes to the big baddies of the film as led by Loki. Without revealing what/who they are, let's just say they made sure that there was nothing memorable about their appearances.

I saw the film in 3D. Don't do that, I repeat, do NOT see The Avengers in 3D. Why? Because it's not worth it. Sure, the 3D is there and it works, but it doesn't help the film in any way, it's unnecessary and there's rarely any good use of it as most of the time things are flying to the side of the camera, not towards the camera. And it doesn't help that about 85% of the film is shot in the dark which doesn't work for 3D at all. I can honestly say that while watching the first scene I had to take off my 3D glasses to make sure that I saw what I saw since it was so dark I had to double-check. That should never be an issue when I'm forced to pay almost double-price from what I would have had to pay had this come out 5 years ago before the resurgence 3D.

In the end, The Avengers is a fun film with a good pacing and some unfortunate scoring. There's high-class action mixed with the best contemporary actors of the genre and anyone who have been waiting for this since Marvel Studios started making these films in 2007 should not be disappointed. It's not the best of the Marvel films, but it certainly isn't the worst either. It's solid and I suggest you go see it, now I have a desperate feeling to go play Galaga and I shall do so. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching.

Final Score: 7/10
A Solid Film

P.S: If you wondered what this tweet was about, well it's the first thing I get into in the spoiler part of the Vlog, so maybe it's worth watching if you really need to know. It almost had me walk out the theatre in anger.

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