fredag 17 augusti 2012

The word "Okay" and what it means.

Why are people using the word "okay" as a word meaning mediocre? The word was invented to be used as something being above average, you don't ask people if they're okay assuming them to respond "Yes, I'm in a state of neither good or bad" you ask it wanting to hear "Yeah, I'm good." so why is it different because I apply it to a score?

Context? Okay, I've called a lot things "okay" and then proceeded with giving the movie or game or whatever a score that's a 7/10 because I consider okay meaning "above average but not great", just like I perceive the score 7/10. Why is this so wrong? I've been told on twitter I should use okay as meaning 5/10 because that's what everyone else is doing, but how does that make ANY SENSE!?

"Hey man, that's not okay" - Here "Not Okay" is a negative thing, making Okay a positive.
"Hey can you do X for me?" - Responding Okay here is a positive response.
"I'm okay now." - Okay being used as a person being in a positive state.

Why doesn't okay work as a positive word when referring to media when every other use of the word is clearly meant as a positive?

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